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Creating group

The administrator can create new groups of users. User groups could correspond to logical units within an organisation, for example Fisheries, Agriculture, Land, Water, Health and so on.

To create new groups you should be logged on with an account that has administrative privileges.

  1. Select the Administration button in the menu. On the Administration page, select Group management.

  2. Select Add a new group. You may want to remove the Sample group;

  3. Fill out the details. The email address will be used to send feedback on data downloads when they occur for resources that are part of the Group.


    The Name should NOT contain spaces! You can use the Localization panel to provide localized names for groups.

  4. Click Save

Access privileges can be set per metadata record. You can define privileges on a per Group basis.

Privileges that can be set relate to visibility of the Metadata (Publish), data Download, Interactive Map access and display of the record in the Featured section of the home page.

Editing defines the groups for which editors can edit the metadata record.

Notify defines what Groups are notified when a file managed by GeoNetwork is downloaded.

Below is an example of the privileges management table related to a dataset.