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Grouping datasets in a series (ie. parent/child relation)

In some situations, a dataset is part of a temporal or spatial collections of records which could share the same specification (eg. Land cover for different years). In order to group this set of records, a general description of the collection may be done in the parent metadata which can then be attached to each dataset of the series.

  • Corine Land Cover
    • Corine Land Cover 2002
    • Corine Land Cover 2012
    • ...

Parent/child relations can be set on ISO19139 and Dublin Core records. In ISO19139, the link to a parent record is encoded in the child record using the following:


Parent/Child relation in ISO19139 may also be encoded using aggregates (see Other types of resources (eg. sensor, publication)).

When creating such relationship, users will be able to navigate between the records in the search and record view.

Click on Link to parent to access the panel providing a simple search to select the target parent metadata