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Harvesting CSW services

This harvester will connect to a remote CSW server and retrieve metadata records that match the query parameters specified.

Adding a CSW harvester

The figure above shows the options available:

  • Site - Options about the remote site.
    • Name - This is a short description of the remote site. It will be shown in the harvesting main page as the name for this instance of the CSW harvester.
    • Service URL - The URL of the capabilities document of the CSW server to be harvested. eg. This document is used to discover the location of the services to call to query and retrieve metadata.
    • Icon - An icon to assign to harvested metadata. The icon will be used when showing harvested metadata records in the search results.
    • Use account - Account credentials for basic HTTP authentication on the CSW server.
  • Search criteria - Using the Add button, you can add several search criteria. You can query only the fields recognised by the CSW protocol.
  • Options - Scheduling options.
  • Options - Specific harvesting options for this harvester.
    • Validate - If checked, the metadata will be validated after retrieval. If the validation does not pass, the metadata will be skipped.
  • Privileges - Assign privileges to harvested metadata.
  • Categories