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Setup Kibana

This section describes how to setup Kibana to be used in GeoNetwork to visualize the search/content statistics:

  • Download Kibana from For Geonetwork 3.8.x version 7.2.x is recommended.

  • Unzip the file, for example to /opt/kibana

  • Configure Kibana to use it in GeoNetwork:

    $ cd opt/kibana
    $ vi config/kibana.yml
        server.basePath: "/geonetwork/dashboards"
        kibana.index: “.dashboards"
  • Execute Kibana:

    $ cd /opt/kibana/bin
    $ ./kibana &


    Usually you'll want to configure Kibana to start automatically when the server is startup, this is not covered in this guide.

  • Verify in a browser that Kibana is running: http://localhost:5601/app/kibana

  • Kibana should also be visible in Geonetwork at http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/dashboards

Load Kibana data

Visit Kibana in a browser using one of the above links and go to 'Saved Objects'.

Import export.json from