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Unavailable since version 4.0.0.

There is no known sponsor or interested party for implementing OpenSearch.

The OpenSerach API provides a serivce description advertised in the HTML.

Browsers detect the availability of opensearch by checking the index page at the root of the (sub)domain. Setup required defining a rewrite rule forwarding requests to the geonetwork application.


Upgrading from GeoNetwork 3.0 Guidance

OpenSearch API is no longer available.

  • Recommend migrating to GeoNetwork OpenAPI if html discoverability is of primary importance.

This provides a self-describing service, and automation tools for developer access in different programming languages. However the result is specific to the GeoNetwork application, and not an industry standard for interoperability.


The OGC API - Records standard is not yet ready, but is expected to provide the best of both worlds: html discoverability, and standards compliance.

Interested parties are encouraged to contribute towards this roadmap activity.