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View Record

View record contents to discovering more in depth details about record and the dataset described.

Locate record to view:

  1. Use Search field: Ocean

  2. Locate the record with title Ocean.

    The background of the record will change to gray when your mouse is over the Harbour Porpoise Presence, Maritimes Region record.

    Click on the record to view.

    Search Ocean

  3. The record contents are displayed, using the initial Default View display mode.

    Default view

  4. Record actions for viewing and download:

    • Next and Previous buttons used to review search results.
    • Download used to export record as ZIP, XML or PDF.
    • The Display mode drop-down to change between Default View and Full View covered in the next section.

    Record actions

Default View

The Default view, provides a quick summary of record contents:

  1. Use Display mode drop-down menu to select Default view.

    Change display mode to default view

  2. Record title and description are shown at the top of the page.

    Record description

  3. About this resource provides information on the contents, such as topic category.

    About this resource

  4. Technical information provides details such data format.

    Technical information

  5. Metadata information provides a button to download the XML record, contact information, and the unique identifier.

    Metadata information

  6. On the right hand side:

    • Spatial extent is shown visually on a map
    • Information on updates and feedback.

    Default view

Full View

The Full view is used to show complete record contents.

  1. Use Display mode drop-down menu to select Full view.

  2. The advanced view divides the record up into a number of tabs:

    • Identification
    • Distribution
    • Quality
    • Spatial Representation
    • Reference Systems
    • Metadata
  3. The Identification tab provides:

    • Citation information:

      Citation details

    • Status and legal constraints (such as the Data Dissemination Policy).

      Abstract and keywords

    • Additional information including temporal and spatial extent

      Additional identification information

  4. The Distribution tab has details on how the content can be accessed.

    Data distribution details

  5. The Quality tab lists data quality information.

    Data quality details

  6. The Spatial rep. tab provides a summary of the spatial representation.

    Spatial representation details

  7. The Reference System tab covers information on the spatial reference system used.

    This is provided as a machine readable code to the reference system.

    The example uses the code for the NAD83 / UTM zone 17N] reference system.

  8. The Metadata tab covers the unique File Identifier, providing a link to view the XML document, along with point of contact information for the record.

    Record metadata details

XML Record

  1. The XML record can be shown from either:

    • Default View metadata heading provides a Download metadata button.

      Default view download metadata

    • Full View metadata tab provides a link to XML.

    Full view download metadata

  2. The XML file is downloaded, or shown directly in your browser.

    XML download shown in FireFox

  3. Keep in mind XML record does not include any attached documents or thumbnails.

    To download complete record information see the download section.

Download from record view

Download the contents of a single record.

  1. View the Harbour Porpoise Presence, Maritimes Region record, showing a number of Download options:

    Record download options

  2. Permalink provides a URL that can be shared via email or message.

    Permalink to GEODBA.ACCOMMODATIONS record

    Use Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C on macOS) to copy text to clipboard:

    Permalink copied

  3. Export (ZIP) archive including:

    • A folder containing complete metadata.xml record, and simplified metadata-iso19139.xml record.
    • index.html* and index.csv** summary described in the previous section.

    Export (ZIP) index.html summary

    This file is useful for exchanging information between systems. The archive contents follows the "Metadata Exchange Format" convention used to share records between catalogs.

  4. Export (PDF) document.

    Export (PDF) document

  5. Export (XML) machine readable document.

    XML download shown in FireFox

  6. Export (RDF) machine readable definition of vocabulary used.

    This file is useful for exchanging information between systems.