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Configuring printing of the map

This section describes how to configure the options to print maps. Printing a map generates a pdf file on the server which is downloaded by the client to be send to a printer. During pdf creation map data is downloaded from various sources to be included in the pdf.

GeoNetwork needs to be able to access the external resource. Set up a webproxy in system settings if your network requires a webproxy to be set up to access the internet.

Locate the file WEB-INF/config-print/print-config.yaml, this configuration file has a lot of options to customise the print options. Read more about the various parameters at

The folder contains 3 template files:

  • template.pdf and template-landscape.pdf which are used to generate the map viewer pdf
  • template-thumbnail.pdf which is used to build a thumbnail in the metadata editor (see Generating a thumbnail using WMS layers).

These templates are created by exporting pdf from the included template.pdf file in the folder.