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The Catalogue page is used to browse records, and has provides a quick search field.

Search Catalogue

  1. Enter the desired keywords and search terms into the Search field at the top of the page and press the Search button (or use the Enter key), to list search results.

    Search field
    Search field

  2. Search for complete words.

    Use Search field to enter: Ocean

    Results are shown on the Search tab.

    Search results for Ocean

  3. Search using the wildcard * to match the start or end of word. Keep in mind the entire record contents is searched, not only the titles and description.

    Use Search field to enter: Area*

    Search for start of a word

  4. The wildcard * can also be used multiple times to match part of a word.

    Use Search field to enter: *brass*

    Search for part of a word

  5. Search results are shown on the Seach tab, which allows filtering and exploring of records.

Browse Catalogue

  1. Navigate to My GeoNetwork catalogue to browse records. In a production system the catalogue name and logo will match your organisation or project team.

  2. The catalog page can be explored using the quick lists of:

    • Latest news: recently updated records
    • Most popular: frequently used records
    • Comments: records with new comments and discussion

    Latest news

  3. Records are displayed as

    • block list
    • large list
    • small list

    using the toggle on the right.

    Click on any of the listed records to view.

    Large list display of records

  4. The catalog page provides a number of quick searches to browse catalog contents:

    • Use Browse by Topics to explore records based on subject matter.
    • Use Browse by Resources to explore different kinds of content.

    Each option lists "search facets" (shown as small bubbles), click on a "search facet" such as Dataset to explore.

    Browse metadata catalogue