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The Search tab lists search results for filtering and sorting.

Search Catalogue

  1. Enter the desired keywords and search terms into the Search field at the top of the page and press the Search button (or use the Enter key), to list search results.

    Search field
    Search field

  2. Search for complete words.

    Use Search field to enter: Ocean

    Search results for Ocean

  3. Search using the wildcard * to match the start or end of word. Keep in mind the entire record contents is searched, not only the titles and description.

    Use Search field to enter: Area*

    Search for start of a word

  4. The wildcard * can also be used multiple times to match part of a word.

    Use Search field to enter: *brass*

    Search for part of a word

  5. Filtering and exploring search results is described below.

Search Results

To further explore listed records:

  1. Navigate to the Search page (or browse or search the catalogue to list search results).

    Search page

  2. Use the Filter section on the right hand side to refine search results using additional search facets, keywords, and details such as download format.

    Click on the "search facet" Oceans to filter the search results to matching records.

    Filter results

  3. Options are provided at the top of the search results to:

    • Presentation of matching records (as a Grid or List)
    • Sort the results
    • Manage how many results are shown per page
    • Advance to additional pages of results
    • Quickly select records

    Browse results

  4. To clear the search results use Clear current search query, filters, and sorts at any time. This button is located in the Search field at the top of the page.

  5. The Advanced search options are located in the Search field at the top of the page.

    These options can be used to further refine search results by category, keywords, contact or date range.

    Advanced search options

  6. Open the Advanced search options panel.

    Use the drop down menu for Records created in the last to select this week. This acts as a short cut to fill in the From and To calendar fields.

    Press the Search button to filter using this date range.

    Record updated in the last week

  7. To search for data in the year 2016 use the advanced search options to fill Resources created in the last in:


    Press Search button to show data from 2016.

    Resource updated in 2016


    The Resource date filter shows records with data identification (creation, publication, revision) dates included within the calendar date range.

  8. A slide out map is provided at the bottom of the page, providing visual feedback on the extent of each record.

    Search map

    The map can be controlled by by toggling beween two modes:

    • Pan: Click and drag the map location, using the mouse wheel to adjust zoom level.

    • Bounding Box: Hold Shift and click and drag to define an extent used to filter records.

      The drop down controls if the extent is used to list only records that are withing, or all records that intersect.

      Search bounding box intersects

  9. Records are selected (using the checkbox located next to each one) to quickly download or generate a PDF of one or more records.

    Selected Records

  10. Additional tips and tricks with search results:

Download from search results

Multiple metadata records can be exported for download.

To select records from multiple search results:

  1. Use the Search field to enter: Ocean

    Search results for Ocean

  2. Use the checkboxes next to each record to select the contents for download.

    Select records for download

  3. At the top of the page the number of selected records is shown.

    Next to the number of selected records is a selected drop-down, offering a number of export options for download.

    Export options for download

  4. Export (ZIP) archive including xml records along with any attachments and thumbnails.

    The resulting file includes:

    • A folder for each metadata record exported

    • index.html summary of contents

      Export ZIP index summary

    • index.csv summary of contents

      Export ZIP csv summary

  5. Export (PDF) document of exported records.

    Export PDF in Firefox

  6. Export (CSV) download providing a tabular summary of exported records.

    Export CSV