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Updating the application

Before you start

Jasypt encryption settings

Since GeoNetwork 4.0.4, passwords stored in the database for the mail server, harvesters, etc. are encrypted with Jasypt.

By default, a random encryption password is generated when GeoNetwork is started, if it is not already defined, and it is stored in the data directory data/config/encryptor/

If you are using the application data direcotry, the encryption password is stored in the file /geonetwork/WEB-INF/data/config/encryptor/


This encryptor.propertie file must be copied to the new installation when upgrading the application; otherwise, it will not be possible to decrypt the existing passwords stored in the database.

If you have set the location of the data directory outside of the application, the file will be stored in this external location at data/config/encryptor/

Read more at Customizing the data directory.

Upgrade from GeoNetwork 3.X to GeoNetwork 4.2

Upgrading from GeoNetwork 3.X to GeoNetwork 4.2 is a major upgrade.

We do not recommend updating a production system. Instead treat this as a migration, setting up a new GeoNetwork 4.2 installation and transfer data and settings.

Before you start:

  • Backup your database

  • Backup your data directory

GeoNetwork for Migration:

  1. GeoNetwork 4.2 requires a Java 8 environment (JRE) to be installed on your system.

    Later versions of Java will not work at present. This must be done prior to installation.

  2. GeoNetwork 4.2 changes the search engine to Elasticsearch.

    For installation instructions see Installing search platform.

  3. Perform a new install of GeoNetwork 4.2, according to installation approach used.

  4. Configure GeoNetwork use to your database and data directory.

  5. Start services:

    • Database
    • Elasticsearch
    • Application server for GeoNetwork
  6. GeoNetwork 4.2 encrypts stored passwords using Jasypt as described at the top of this page.

    During startup a random encryption password will be generated and stored in data directory data/config/encryptor/

  7. During startup the database schema will be updated to match the table structure required for GeoNetwork 4.2.

  8. GeoNetwork will create indices automatically when connecting to Elasticsearch.


The above links provided recommendations and mitigation measures where appropriate.