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Version 3.4.4


The migration from 3.4.3 and earlier to 3.4.4 may cause a reset of the Template for advanced search form setting in the UI configuration.

New features

  • Added Slovak language (PR 3086)
  • Improved error message when a region was not found in a thesaurus (PR 3069)
  • Improved batch editor labels in english (PR 3000)
  • Excluded servlet-related dependencies (PR 2287)


  • Fixed issue with multiselect directive in users administration (issue 3055)
  • Fixed issue where a record with user feedbacks could not be deleted (issue 3122)
  • Fixed publication date for registries (PR 3150)
  • Fixed CSW response when inserting records (issue 3104)
  • Fixed WFS layer support in simple view (issue 3116)
  • Fixed hideTimeInCalendar option for editor layout (issue 3058)
  • Fixed an issue with MapServer password reset (issue 3140)
  • Fixed thesaurus upload that would sometime give an unclear error (issue 3131)
  • Fixed loading WMTS sometime failing in projections other than EPSG:3857 (issue 3124)
  • Fixed an error related to thesaurus encoding when uploading from a registry
  • Fixed an issue when adding WMS layers with an url ending with ? (issue 3088)
  • Fixed temporal extent rendering in the editor (PR 2868)
  • Fixed an OutOfMemoryError when listing groups using service (PR 3079)
  • Fixed issue with INSPIRE related fields being indexed when the thesaurus was not present (issue 2719)
  • Fixed adding a layer to the map when the URL contained extra parameters like GetCapabilities (PR 2846)
  • Fixed rendering of the menubar on small screens (issue 2934)
  • Fixed favicon uploading (issue 2992)

and more ... see 3.4.4 issues and pull requests for full details.