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Version 4.2.4

GeoNetwork 4.2.4 release is a minor release.

Migration notes

Database changes

  • If using the pages API, consider checking the spg_page database table (More information) during migration.

API changes

  • API for link analysis
    • POST /links is now POST /links/analyze to analyze all links in a set of records.
    • POST /links/analyze to POST /links/analyzeurl to analyze a URL.
    • POST /links allows now queries with large filter which was not supported using GET (More information).
  • API on pages is now more consistent (More information). Use GET pages to retrieve list of pages (instead of GET pages/list). Use PUT operation to create a new page or POST to upload a file for the page. Section and status can now updated when updating the page. A page label can now be defined. Format, sections and status can now be retrieved using the API.

List of changes

Major changes:

and more ... see 4.2.4 issues and pull requests for full details.