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Version 3.2.0

New requirements

  • This release requires the use of Java 8, and is compatible with both Oracle JDK and Open JDK.

New features

  • WFS feature indexing (see WFS GetFeature Harvesting)
  • A new REST API (beta) is available. The documentation is available http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/doc/api
  • User feedback form
  • Editor / Associated resources can be updated without the advanced view
  • Editor / Filter contact directory with facets
  • Editor / XML view provides code editing with syntax highlighting and more, ...
  • Directories can be populated from catalog content
  • Metadata import improved (import by URL, import multiple files at once, better error reports)
  • GeoServer updated to version 2.9.0
  • Added tags for better indexing by search engine

Removed features

  • ExtJS user interface removed
  • Z39.50 server removed (SRU support still available)

and more ... see 3.2.0 issues and pull requests for full details.