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Version 4.2.0

GeoNetwork 4.2.0 release is a major release.

Migration instructions

Due to H2 database major update, when migrating from a previous version drop the following database caches:

  • JS/CSS cache database in \$DATA_DIR/
  • Formatter cache database in \$DATA_DIR/data/resources/htmlcache/formatter-cache/

If using H2 as the main database consider migrating to an external database (see Configuring the database) or read H2 migration guide and migrate the database to version 2 format.

Then start the application.

If using GeoNetwork 4.2.0 with an H2 version 1 database, the following error will be reported by H2 driver:

General error: "The write format 1 is smaller than the supported format 2 [2.1.212/5]" [50000-212]

List of changes

Major changes:

and more ... see 4.2.0 issues and pull requests for full details.